Consulting Services to Financial Firms and Institutions

 Consulting Offer: Our consulting services to financial firms and institutions investing in technology sector  are intended to expand, supplement and/or complement your own research and analysis capabilities. Please refer to our consulting offer.

 Positioning: We conduct early investigations and/or cross-validate your internal findings and recommendations by providing an expert "second opinion" from an independent source.  

 Methodology: We "disect" technology companies in global markets to evaluate M&A opportunities, financial projections, company valuations, business models, market trends (segments, sizes, technologies, competitors and outlook), competitive envirnonments, product portfolios and core technologies during early stages of your investigations process preceding your due diligence leading to informed business and investment decisions.  

 Unique Value Proposition:  AlignTro Group provides our clients with a rare blend of marketing expertise, business acumen, financial and technology insights combined with a practical executive experience in global technology companies of various sizes. Therefore, we could be considered a one-stop shop for early investigations. Our final deliverables, after incorporating your feedback and comments, are "boardroom-ready" in terms of coverage, in-depth insights, sophistication, terminology, delivery, conclusions and recommendations. 

 Expertise Areas: Since AlignTro Group have developed a considerable experience in several global markets and technologies, thus we don't need a long "ramp-up" time to deliver desired outcomes.

 Business Transformations: For global technology companies, frequent business transformations are the norm, rather than the exception. 


The business transformations such as  M&A's, spin-offs, pro-active exits, stimulating organic growth, market re-positioning / rebranding, and corporate turnarounds require in-depth understanding of market trends, financial analysis, business models competitive landscape, core technologies and customer needs in order to derived informed conclusions and recommendations..

The biggest challenge in business tranformations for all involved parties is to answer in-depth the critical questions which are specific to each type of transformation. AlignTro Group is very well positioned to help you in answering those critical questions