Consulting Offer

We work with our clients to provide them with value-added strategies, programs, products, processes, concepts and frameworks.

Our consulting offer covers 4 major areas: Strategic Marketing, Product Management, Go-to-Market Strategies and Business Transformations.


Typical consulting deliverables from AlignTro Group's are listed below by major area of focus.



Strategic Marketing 


Marketing Audits: Scope agreed with a client


Marketing Plans


Positioning and Messaging Strategy


Market Research: Trends, Segments, Sizing and Maturity Analysis

Market Research: Customer Needs Analysis  

Competitive Intelligence and Competitive Positioning


Competitors' Analysis

Market Evolution Model: The Ultimate Sales Tool and Encapsulation of Market Trends



Product Management

Product Plans: Feature Set, Pricing, Product Structures, Naming Conventions, Competitive Positioning, Key Product Messages and Features /Customer Benefits. 


New Product Concepts: Definition, Feature Set and Validation 

New Product Development (NPD) Process: Refinements and Implementation 

Product Roadmaps Development 

Product Portfolio Management: Trade-offs and Strategies

Technology Core Competencies  (Definition, Assessment, Migration Paths)

Technology Platform Architecture: Assessment, Performance, Scalability, etc.


Go-to-Market Strategies:



Go-To-Market Programs: Evaluation, Alignment and Execution


Sales Plan

Sales Force Enablement:  Tools, Templates, Demos, etc. 

Sales Tools: Review and Development  

VARs and SIs Programs: Design and Implementation

Large OEMs:  Programs Design and Implementation  


Business Transformations:

Strategic Plan Development (3-year +)  including Strategic Imperatives

Business Development Plans

Business Models: Analysis and Re-Design

Corporate Business Processes:  Review and Assessment 


Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A): Analysis and Investigation

Final Deliverables:


The final deliverables are provided to our clients in the form of reports, assessments, audits, discussion papers, spreadsheets with financial models and projections, and/or "boardroom-ready" PowerPoint presentations including conceptual slides and speaker notes. Additionally, we could provide our clients with project and meeting notes and a library of source materials on CDs, if required. To see free samples of our work click here.