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Our clients are global technology companies of various sizes. They range from technology startups through small and midsize leaders in specialized markets to large global companies offering multiple products lines and services. 


Regardless of their size, all our clients face global hyper-competition and fast-paced nature of technology markets resulting in the need for ongoing proper alignment and effective execution as well as frequent business transformations.


AlignTro Group also provides consulting services to financial institutions and firms investing in technology companies. We provide them with an expert "second opinion" in early stages of due diligence covering market trends, competitive landscape, business models, a company's market positioning and valuation, core technologies and potential M&A candidates.  




 "Chris over-delivers on everything he does and has an amazing combination of technical expertise and business / market savvy. Few people can dissect a market and figure out how to win like Chris. I look forward to every opportunity we have a chance to work together.”


Brent R. Vice President of Marketing / CMO of few large software and hardware market leaders located in Sillicon Valley.


“Chris has a unique ability to bring together strategy and operational business views that are insightful and high impact.”
Kevin F. CEO and President of a mid-size software company formerly located in Ottawa  and listed on TSX.
“Chris has a strong technical background and a rigorous approach to marketing, and he is able to combine these skills to quickly develop a comprehensive marketing strategy."

Tom H. President of a small software company located in Waterloo Region.



"Chris made a very positive impression on Dave and me and demonstrated excellent product development knowledge relevant to new technologies. We would definitely recommend him.  

Tom R. President and CEO of a small hardware company in Waterloo Region.

Dave T. Vice-President of Product Development of the same company. 


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