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Thought Leadership


We all have been exposed to the term "thought leadership." It is often used in popular press to describe visionary authors / speakers, leading scientists and subject gurus. Therefore, we tend to attribute thought leadership to a single person.


However, in technology sector this term is also applied  to leading companies, even those that are smaller, but dominating a specific market niche. Their market and technology leadership is  always preceded by thought leadership. In other words, the market and technology leadership is the result of thought leadership.


The external manifestations of thought leadership in leading technology companies are growing revenue and profits, increasing market share, superior products or services, high company profile, reputable brand, satisfied customers and motivated employees.


Those leading companies also seem to anticipate market trends better, pre-empty competitive moves, foresee changes in customer behaviour, develop good products faster and adjust to market changes much quicker.


Using system designer's terminology, we can say that they are "designed" better than competitors in order to perform their primary function. The primary function is to define, develop, market, sell and support their superior products and services in order to satisfy ever changing needs of their customers.


Leading technology companies consistently assure proper alignment and effective execution to constantly improve business results and market competitiveness.



What leading companies actually do to achieve thought leadership?


 Market Research Programs


 Competitive Intelligence Programs


 Technology Intelligence Programs


 New Product Development Process: Constant Improvements 


 Business Processes and Business Models Refinements


 Ongoing Customer Focus and Customer Needs Analysis


 Innovation is Embedded into Company Culture




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