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Training Attributes

AlignTro Group provides customized and advanced training focused on the key elements of product and go-to-market (GTM) strategies for technology companies. The training sessions are an important part of our overall service offerings. They are intended to supplement and enhance our consulting services, but they are not intented to be a substitute for any formal training in product management, product marketing, sales and sales management or new product development.

AlignTro's training sessions (workshops) have specific attributes designed to make them effective and valuable to our clients. They are as follows:  

 Customized: We focus on selected key elements of product and go-to-market strategies as they relate to your company's markets, competitors, technologies and products. Before the actual training sessions take place, we will determine with your management team what specific issues should be emphasized and what specfic questions need to be answered. During the training session, all generic product and GTM concepts will be tighty linked to your specific markets, competitors, technologies and products.

 Interactive: Our training sessions are delivered using workshop format. The workshop format is well-suited for providing customized and interactive sessions for smaller audiences. Since the number of workshop participants is limited, besides exploring key product and GTM concepts, we can also focus on active participation, exchange of ideas (brainstorming), and address key issues using group or individual assignments.

 Advanced: AlignTro only provides advanced training sessions based on the assumption that the session participants have already obtained a formal training in product management, product marketing, new product development, sales and/or sales management. The concepts covered during the AlignTro's training are more advanced and more specific than the concepts covered in a formal, general purpose training courses.

 Modular: The training sessions are structured as modules including the concept reviews and workshops intended to apply all the concepts to your specific situation. We recommend that you to start with an overview of product and go-to-market strategies module followed by one or more specfic training modules of your choice.

We deliver training modules related to product and go-to-market strategies in the context of  integrated, dynamic and structured processes. This approach helps training participants to see all the core elements of the go-to-market strategies as inter-dependent and cross-linked. Therefore, they will be able to develop a more holistic, balanced and integrated view of possible implications of their future decisions.

 Cost Effective: We deliver training sessions locally on your premises, so you don't have to send your personnel on expensive trips and lose productivity due to travel schedules. Since your management can structure and influence the training sessions  based on your unique needs, you will only pay for the training modules that are important and relevant to your company.

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