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Training Offer Overview

The training sessions provided by AlignTro Group are not a duplication or a substitute for any formal training in Product Management and Product Marketing (i.e. Pragmatic Marketing), Sales and Sales Management (i.e. TopLine Leadership) or New Product Development and Innovation Process (i.e. Stage-Gate Inc.).  

AlignTro Group provides advanced and customized training focused specifically on various aspects of product and go-to-market (GTM) strategies for technology companies. We treat product and GTM strategies and programs as integrated, scalable and dynamic business processes which are critical to the success of your company. We will supplement standard and formal training courses provided by established training providers in order to give your personnel unique insights into product and go-to-market strategies translating into a competitive advantage for your company.  

The most successful technology companies have recognized that product and go-to-market strategies must be managed as integrated, scalable and dynamic business processes. Those processes need to be assessed, tuned and optimized on an ongoing basis. Technology startups have to quickly master three core business processes to be successful: (1) New Product Development, (2) Product Management and (3) Strategic Marketing and GTM Strategies.  

Our training sessions will help the participants to understand the inter-dependancies and cross-links between key elements of product, market and business strategies, and  to take a more holistic approach in their decision making process. They will also learn that market analysis, sales channels development, strategic marketing, product and platform management as well as business and technology strategy are all inter-related and cross-linked. Therefore, to make sure that they are well aligned and effectively executed, the core elements need to be treated as parts of an integrated system, even when analysed and optimized separately.

There are three (3) important reasons to provide advanced product and GTM training for technology companies:

 (1) GTM Training Gap: Based on our clients' feedback and our own experiences we have concluded that the GTM strategies are covered in a somewhat fragmented and cursory fashion by established training providers. Thus, standard course participants don't get a good understanding of inter-dependancies and cross-links between various parts of an integrated system.

 (2) High Failure Rate of Technology Startups: Another important reason for providing GTM training is a high failure rate among technology startups. This high failure rate can be directly attributed to the lack of balance between developing technologies (products) and go-to-market strategies and programs. Perfecting your technology, products and platforms will only pay off when your company has also developed GTM programs to reach your target customers in well-selected market segment(s) where your company has a reasonable chance to succeed

 (3) The Lack of Growth in Established Technology Companies: The biggest challenge in accelerating organic growth is to select the right strategic initiative and execute it without impacting current business negatively. Those initiatives could include adding new product line, entering adjacent markets with a modified product, signing up strategic partners or entering new geographies. Sometimes new strategic initiatives defocus senior management, marketing and development teams plus drain other resources. The current business suffers, while new strategic initiative has not yet gained market traction, resulting in actual decline in revenue and profits. The business result could be totally opposite to the original strategic intent.  

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