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Consulting Overview and Offer

AlignTro Group provides consulting services offering a unique value proposition to technology companies and financial firms and institutions investing in technology sector. Please refer to our consulting offer


 Why would we hire AlignTro Group as a consultant?

High-tech companies operate in global markets that are very unique to technology companies. Additionally, there is a very tight link between market strategy and core technologies. Hiring generalists or very narrowly-focused specialists as consultants does not work well for technology companies. Those companies need a combined marketing, product management, business and technology expertise. This is exactly what AlignTro Group has to offer.


 What is your consulting philosophy and expertise?

We believe that in order to provide expert advice to technology companies, a consultant needs to posses not only a general understanding of technology, market and business issues, but also a specialized expertise in relevant markets and technologies. A list of typical deliverables developed during AlignTro's consulting projects is attached for your reference.

 How long would it take for AlignTro Group to "ramp up"?

AlignTro will be able to quickly "ramp up" in order to focus on your specific problems or questions as oppose to learning about relevant markets and technologies at your expense. The reason for a very fast ramp-up time is our specialized expertise in selected markets and technologies. In addition, we utilize our proven methodology, UpStream Alignment <> DownStream Execution (TM), extensive hands-on experience, advanced toolkits and best practices to address your problems or questions. 

 How do we ensure that AlignTro Group matches our consulting needs?

Our consulting services are structured to provide various engagement models to accomodate varied needs of our clients in terms of budgets, schedules, project scope and services required.


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