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Recommended Articles




 The Top 10 Emerging Technologies

Description: Those are
 a must read articles for technology executives, technology strategists and product managers. Every year, Technology Review Multiple publishes the list of the top10 technologies that are going to have the biggest impact on the world.
Provider: Technology Review; Ongoing,
Authors: Multiple.
Location: On-line Download


 The Next Generation of Technology

TR's annual list of 35 global innovators under 35. The magazine presents 35 profiles of young technology scientists and reserachers pushing the boundaries of technology.

Provider: Technology Review; Ongoing

Location: On-line Download



 The 50 Most Innovative Companies

Description: TR's annual list of 50 global most innovative companies in the following categories: Energy, Computing, Web and Digital Media, Materials, Transportation and Biomedicine.

Provider: Technology Review; Apr 2012 issue.
Authors: Multiple
Location: On-line Download
Link: www.technologyreview.com/tr50.


 Essentials for Selling Software to the Midmarket


Description: Article. An excellent article describing the subsegments of the midmarket and common mistakes that software companies make while selling to the midmarket ($10M to $1B in revenue).    
Provider: Sand Hill; Author: Ram V. Iyer of The Midmarket Institute  
Location: On-line Download

Link: http://sandhill.com/opinion/editorial.php?id=362




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